The Menno seniors, Jesse Munkvold, Caden Fischer and Morgan Edelman spoke to the Menno elementary students. The said, being courageous is one of the foundations of character and having good character means doing the right thing. Courage is inside you that helps you face your fears and you can overcome your fears by having courage. You have to have courage in the classroom or in sports and if you fail, it’s OK…you just need to do better the next time.
We all have courage, it’s inside you and all you have to do is try new things and you can find courage. The point is you have to have courage to have character and character is having courage to do what is right or making a tough decision and everyone has the ability to have character and courage.
They champions discussed the different traits it takes to have good character. Having good character is essential to being a good person and it takes trustworthiness. We can demonstrate that we are responsible and not lie. If you tell lies, people will not trust you and it is an uphill climb to gain trust of others but we can all do it and become a leader in the future.
They also said we need to respect others, in the classroom, for our parents, teachers, and friends. Always use your manners, be open minded and respect other people’s ideas and feelings in the classroom and on the playground.
Accountability is also important. Being responsible to get your homework done, get good grades, and be accountable in sports and at home. Citizenship is another component of character. To volunteer and take time out of your day to do something good without asking for anything in return and improve your school or community. They also told the students you need to be kind, saying please and thank you to people around us like teachers, kitchen cooks in school, janitors, bus drivers and parents etc.
The Champions wanted to leave each of the students with a message. They said you need to overcome your fears to have courage and use that courage to have character. Think about what you can do to improve your school and community around you. Always remember to take courage and character with you wherever you go now and in the future. Don’t be scared to use your character. Be a good role model by being nice to others and helping others and you will go far in life.
Thank you Jesse, Caden and Morgan for a great message to the students of Menno Elementary about the importance of having the Courage to Have Character!

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