This year the Champions of Character will be working with the younger students to talk about PERSEVERANCE, reminding the students that mistakes help them improve, that they learn from mistakes, and that if something doesn’t work, they can try another way to solve the problem.  They will encourage the students to set a good example, set good values for themselves, be mindful of our own thinking, words and actions.

The Champions will work to inspire the students about the “Power of Yet”, a reminder that we need to persevere when we are struggling or are finding something challenging.  They will explain that the use of a little word, “YET” gives them the power to succeed.  They can see challenges as opportunities to learn and push their abilities.  All you need to do is add the word “yet” on the end of every “I can’t”.  Adding that 3 letter word to the end of that sentence makes it a possibility and that is what perseverance is all about.

Perseverance means…if you can’t do it right now….keep practicing!  You just can’t do it YET!!

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