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Who We Are

Character On Track is a nonprofit agency providing a character education framework for youth in schools and communities in Southeast South Dakota, Northwest Iowa and Southwest Minnesota. The foundation of the organization is based on the Five Marks of Character:Trustworthiness, Respect, Accountability, Citizenship and Kindness.

The organization forms partnerships with public and private school districts, pre-schools and daycares to deliver a consistent message which is delivered through a variety of activities, lessons, media, online resources and school and classroom presentations.

Our focus is to infuse character education and resources throughout the school and the community so that it may become the common language and serve as a way of living. Effective character education involves creating the kinds of classroom and school environments that enable all students, without exception, realize their potential to become intellectually reflective, caring and ethical people engaged in a meaningful life.

Get Involved

If you’d like to know how to bring Character On Track into your community, company or school’s character education programs, contact us. Volunteer opportunities are available as a board member or as an assistant at special events. Your financial gifts are a wonderful investment that will last for years as we work with schools and community organizations. If you believe in the value of character education, please tell everyone you know about Character On Track, and consider making a donation.


Be reliable • Be consistent with your words and actions • Keep promises • Resolve problems with others • Be loyal to others • Be fair in making decisions • Listen and embrace other points of view


Accept differences in others • Treat everyone with the Golden Rule” • Use good manners and demonstrate gratitude • Never hurt anyone with words or actions • Include others and help them belong


Be responsible for your choices • Develop a sense of self control • Plan, set goals and give your full effort • Use your talents and abilities • Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude • Make life more fair for others


Do things to make your school or community a better place • Obey laws and rules • Respect authority • Stay informed on  important issues • Protect and improve our environment


Care about the well being of others • Be compassionate and caring toward others • Use every opportunity to bring out the best in others • Be charitable with time and money to help others • Be grateful for what you have • Resolve conflicts and forgive self and others • Treat others fairly

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